Sales Team Feedback

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How well do you know your sales team? How well do they know themselves?

QB Salespulse can enlighten and enhance your people and coaching to produce better sales results.


Optimize the performance of your entire sales team.  

The selling process should be clear, concise, easy, and above all a positive experience for the customer. QB Salespulse uncovers patterns and trends across your entire sales team to ensure these key goals are being met. It benchmarks performance and identifies areas where your team needs improvement or where your sales process may need further development. 

QB Salespulse can answer these questions & more:

  • Does your sales team know how to maximize selling opportunities?
  • How do your customers feel they are being treated?
  • Do customers believe that your sales reps add value?
  • Can your sales team identify customer needs and offer appropriate solutions?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team?
  • How do customers perceive your market offering?

Learn how to effectively train & motivate your sales team.

Managing a sales team takes hard work, dedication and time. Sales managers must be able to effectively train, motivate, and monitor team and individual success. QB Salespulse gives you the ability to prioritize your coaching time and fits in seamlessly with your daily business processes. Data collected identifies early indicators for coaching without requiring you to attend all meetings. QB Salespulse analysis provides insight and solutions to address the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team and adjust your coaching strategy for optimum results.

Give your sales team a tool for self-development.

We all wonder how we are doing at work. We gauge ourselves based on the performance of others and on the feedback we receive from our bosses, colleagues and customers. QB Salespulse provides an unbiased, quantified opportunity for self-development. It will identify strengths and weaknesses, while providing clear development paths to help achieve work goals.