Custom Salesforce Reporting Dashboards

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Spend less time coaching AND get better results with SalesforceTM Native Feedback Surveys.

In order to turn your average performers into top performers, you need to know what areas require coaching and which people have the most potential. QB Salespulse provides you with critical insight into every sales meeting – analyzing feedback to determine strengths, weaknesses, patterns, and trends.

QB Salespulse will help you maximize your coaching time and answer the question of why your top sellers consistently deliver results while your average or low performers lose deals. It gives you the complete sales picture, rather than basing your assumptions only on gut feelings and hard financial facts.


Dashboard Features:

  • Sales quality KPIs for entire sales team
  • Boost motivation with leaderboard of top performers
  • Sales NPS results of the last 12 months, detailed down to detractors and promoters
  • Hot alerts for a potential list of unsatisfied prospects and customers – turn these into opportunities
  • Discover how well your sales people work within different industry segments
  • Combined analysis of sales and feedback data in accounts and opportunities saves time

QB Salespulse provides a resource to measure and reinforce learning based on applied data and analytics. Sales coaching that happens in a continuous learning environment results in knowledge that is sustained over a longer period of time.