Feedback Integration with CRM

Lightning Ready Optimized for Lightning Experience
Professional & Up Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance Editions
No Limits Apps, tabs, and opbjects in this package don't count against org limits
Salesforce1 Mobile Optimized for the Salesforce1 mobile app
Native App Runs exclusively on Salesforce App Cloud, ensuring data security and performance

Harness the sales power of customer feedback.

What if you could read your customer’s mind during the sales process? Without customer feedback, we are navigating blindly on what we think customers’ want. With QB Salespulse, you can stop wondering and start knowing.

QB Salespulse is an exclusive software offering from Questback, world leaders in the feedback management industry. It is the only sales performance software that provides an all-in-one solution set to improve sales performance, increase hit rate, and provide invaluable customer insight.

QB Salespulse is a native application, sending triggered or manual feedback requests to collect systematic and objective feedback throughout the customer acquisition process. Data is analyzed, problems are identified, and solutions are provided - all in one customized company dashboard.

QB Salespulse Highlights

  • SalesforceTM Native application
  • Optimized for Lightning & Classic experience
  • Responsive, visual dashboards and reports highlight strengths and weaknesses of your sales team
  • Automated processes and triggers make collection of feedback easy
  • Customizable and pre-defined best practice question templates
  • Individual feedback cards for opportunities help guide your sales reps
  • Capture and display responses as emails and activities
  • Leaderboard and customer/prospect watchlist