Salespulse named as one of 12 breakout apps for Salesforce!

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  • Salespulse named as one of 12 breakout apps for Salesforce!
Lightning Ready Optimized for Lightning Experience
Professional & Up Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance Editions
No Limits Apps, tabs, and opbjects in this package don't count against org limits
Salesforce1 Mobile Optimized for the Salesforce1 mobile app
Native App Runs exclusively on Salesforce App Cloud, ensuring data security and performance

The Salesforce ecosystem consists of many business apps and vendors that adds value to the customers Salesforce org. Knowing what is out there and if it could possibly add value to your organization is difficult and time consuming. Salesforce have just saved you a lot of time by naming 12 breakout apps you should check out in this Blog post: 12 Breakout Apps You May be Missing from your Salesforce Org

 Salesforce Research's 2016 State of Sales annual report found that the number one KPI for measuring sales success is now customer experience. This comes from the finding that customers buy from a trusted advisor, and want a deeper, more meaningful relationship with vendors. For Salesforce users we make measuring and optimizing this part of the sales cycle easy. Try it out today with our free trial!