Feedback is the key to turning leads into deals

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  • Feedback is the key to turning leads into deals
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We all know what to do, right? Get more leads, convert more into opportunities, close more deals. Leads to Deals. Fix the funnel and your business will grow.The problem is this: most teams only measure the trailing indicators of success, such as quota and sales won/lost. This means we’re always looking back and asking why. Wouldn’t it be great if we could instead focus on some more leading indicators? If we knew what we were doing wrong before we lost the deal, we’d have a chance to do something about it.



A recent report by Salesforce Research found that the number one KPI for measuring sales success is customer experience. This comes from the finding that customers buy from a trusted advisor, and want a deeper, more meaningful relationship with vendors. Simplifying this one step further, maybe we can get back to the truism that ‘people buy from people.

So it’s even more worrying when a 2014 study by Brevet Group tells us only 13% of customers feel that sales understand their needs. In other words, most customers aren’t getting the deeper, more meaningful relationship they need in order to make a buying decision.

Measuring customer experience across the sales cycle is now the key to setting your sales teams apart from the rest. If people buy from people, then every interaction is an opportunity to measure customer experience. This means measuring how they feel about the sales rep, the solution they’re offering, and ultimately you, the company that’s offering it. You can do this manually by simply asking face to face, or you can automate the process. By automating the process, you get something more consistent, less ad hoc, and you also avoid the common problem of people not saying what they really think directly to your face. This also gives you data, which combined with your other KPIs can give genuine insight into the bigger picture.
Going back to the original problem, what you can do now is focus your attention on leading indicators of sales success, giving the opportunity to take corrective action where needed, and move opportunities forwards.

You don’t need to read your customers’ minds; just ask them. Feedback becomes a key asset to make sure you’re delivering the best customer experience, which in turn lets you do what you need to do: turn leads into deals.


Author: Luke Talbot , 29.01.2017