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To increase your chances of closing more deals you have to continually work to improve, but how do you know which areas need help versus which areas are preforming well without engaging your customers?

QB Salespulse gives you vital customer feedback on how you executed throughout each phase of the sales process and analyzes this feedback to determine what works and what areas need improvement. What if you missed an important expectation early in the sales process? With QB Salespulse you will know what these expectations are and never miss an opportunity.  

QB Salespulse delivers the insights you need to increase your hit rate.




You are wasting 20% of your time on “wrong” customer deals Focus on (right) the opportunities with the highest probability Higher hit rate, shorter sales cycle and identify industry patterns
What if your sales team is wasting your customers time? Your ability to demonstrate added value (relevance) to the customer's organization Build larger deal size and establish trust as vendor
Have you ever seen one of your sales reps do honest self-reflection on their sales meetings?  Ability to identify strengths and weakness as perceived by the customers Maximize your coaching abilities
Are you spending your coaching time on the right people and on the right areas?  Ability to prioritize your coaching time Greatly improve your sales teams ability to reach their quota