Improve your hit rate by understanding your customers Buying Journey

Who is Salespulse for?

Sales Executives

Gain a toolset for effectively managing sales and coaching employees toward better results. We uncover patterns across your sales team to ensure these key goals are being met. 



Engage your customers during the sales process with automated feedback. Unlock your customers’ true perceptions to refine your sales strategy and ensure success by exceeding their expectations.



Uncover a deeper level of knowledge about your sales reps and their way of engaging your customers. Use this knowledge to generate higher quality offers and increase overall hit rate.


Identify sales best practice and question sets. Discover the most important tasks that your sales team needs to execute in a sales meeting. Implement Salespulse and train your management and internal team.

Collect and evaluate customer feedback immediately during the sales process. Discover key information and react instantly. Detect long term trends regarding sales meetings, product offerings, sales representatives and more.

QB Salespulse provides an unbiased, quantified opportunity for self-development. It will identify strengths and weaknesses, while providing clear development paths to help achieve work goals.

Use this information for optimizing your sales process. Define areas of improvement for individuals and the sales team as a whole. Adjust your sales training strategy. Start measuring your success!

Let the analytics do the work. Follow your most important KPIs while you make adjustments, identify top performers, receive hot alerts for unsatisfied customers, view a time history of your NPS and KPIs, and more.

Salespulse works as an excellent checklist to make sure the salesreps remember and execute sales meetings as planned."


Best Practice Question Templates

Measure the effectiveness of your sales process and team with customer feedback. QB Salespulse offers pre-defined survey templates using well-known, existing sales methodologies.

Real Time Feedback

React quickly to what your customers think during their buying journey. Identify calls to action, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, buying trends, and more.

Out of the Box Analysis

QB Salespulse analysis provides insight on the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team as perceived by your customers. Save time and learn how to adjust your coaching strategy for optimum results.

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